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about me


People always ask me, how long have you
been knitting? I tell them fifteen years now,
and it all started with a two-needle mitten.
I have taught knitting/felting/embellishing for
about 10 years and my patterns have evolved
from my teaching classes.
The Harvest Pumpkin (shown with me) is my
very first pattern design. Once you have a
basic ball shape figured out, then adding
two more balls is easy, right? Can you guess
what the next pattern created after the pumpkin?
Who would of ever imagined where that one
pattern has taken me?
I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota with my husband and two young adult children. They give me much encouragement and whimsical advice. They push me with color choices and requests for added details.
I hope you enjoy knitting my patterns as much as I've enjoyed creating them for you.
Happy knitting!

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