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snowman accessories

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Marie Mayhew Designs Woolly Snowman Accessories
10 snowman accessory designs
This pattern is a knit & felt design.
Knitting woolly snowmen just got cooler! Enclosed in this pattern are designs for 10 snowman accessories: a snowbaby doll, mittens, 3-fingered gloves, wire-rim spectacles, ice skates, a purse, a knitting bag, a potted fir tree, a sno' mitt & snowballs, and a fuzzy boa wrap.
These accessories fit both the small and the large woolly snowman.

$10.00 USD
16-page pattern
or a PDF version

marie mayhew knitting pattern: snowman accessories.JPG
woolly spectacles

marie mayhew knitting pattern: snowman accessories.jpeg
woolly knitting bag

marie mayhew knitting pattern: snowman accessories.jpg
woolly mittens

The woolly snowman accessories pattern comes with a complimentary recipe:HOME-MADE PUMPKIN PIE PLAY DOUGH
pattern lists all needed materials, such as specific yarns, beads, etc.

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