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Highly Detailed Patterns
Whimsical Designs

Welcome to Marie Mayhew Designs. I now have over 35 patterns, a couple of kits and few of my favorite tools available for sale.

Knitters have found my patterns fun to knit up and even more fun to embellish.


A NEW Pattern Line.

Along with my 'knit & felt' patterns, I have published four patterns, Pillow-Toss Pumpkin, Pumpkin Patch, Cable-Stitch Pumpkin, and Tartan-Plaid Pumpkin, in my new line of knit-only patterns. No felting required! Same attention to detail without the need for felting. Check back for more additions to this new line. In addition, I have two needle felting kits available: Woodland Owl and Woolly Pumpkin.

Woodland Owl Needle Felting Kit

NEW! Woolly Sweet-Hearts


What is Knit & Felt?

'Knit & felt' refers to the process of knitting something (usually from a pattern design) using 100% wool yarns and larger-size needles to create a large, sloppy-looking knit creation. Next, you throw the knitted piece into your washing machine and deliberately shrink it down to the desired size. A perfect felted canvas wooing you to embellish: needle felting, embroidery, beads and more!


NEW! Subscription List.

Now you have the opportunity to sign up for my subscription list. You will only receive notices of new pattern releases and periodic sale promotions. I am also working on a series of small YouTube videos on tips and specific instructions relating to my patterns that will hopefully make knitting my patterns even easier and more enjoyable. Please sign up and stay connected and in the know!


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