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back-to-school apple pincushion

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two-tone & solid-color apples

This pattern is a knit & felt design. A pincushion-of-the-month design.

Back-to-School Apple Pincushion is a quick and easy knit using worsted weight yarns and size 10.5 double point needles!

September signifies back-to-school for many families. Honor the season with a fun apple pincushion for the special teacher and/or quilters in your life. For autumn get-togethers, knit up several in a variety of colors to fill a small harvest basket and give each guest a token of your bountiful hospitality! 

The felted apple measures about 3.5-inch/8.89-cm from the base to the top of its stem. It can be knit using either one strand of yarn to create a solid-color apple or two yarns knit together for a two-tone look.
The stem is a cinnamon stick and the leaf is knit tightly and not felted.
The SCHOOL DAYS mini-pins set (shown in photo) is from Just Another Button Company. They made them into pins for me from buttons! They are available through my Etsy Shoppe.

$6.00 USD 
9-page PDF pattern

granny smith

golden delicious

The back-to-school apple pincushion pattern comes with a complimentary recipe: APPLE PIE CAKE
intermediate: use of double point needles
#4 worsted weight yarn, size 10.5 double point needles, 100% wool fiberfill, plastic poly-pellets

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