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black retro-cat pincushion

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love that smile!

$6.00 USD 
10-page PDF pattern
The black retro-cat pincushion pattern comes with a complimentary recipe: HALLOWEEN SNACK MIX
intermediate: use of double point needles
#4 worsted weight yarn, size 10.5 double point needles, 100% wool fiberfill, plastic poly-pellets, wool felt

This pattern is a knit & felt design. A pincushion-of-the-month design.

Black Retro-Cat Pincushion is a quick and easy knit using worsted weight yarns and size 10.5 double point needles!

Knit and felt a retro-cat to bring a smile to your face all year long! A quick and easy project for the knitting and quilting enthusiast.
The felted cat head measures about 4-inch/10-cm from its base to the top of the ears. It is knit as one continuous piece. Once felted and stuffed, the facial features are embroidered onto the cat using simple stitching. 
The Halloween-themed mini-pins set (shown in photo) is from Just Another Button Company. This custom set is only available through my Etsy Shoppe.

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