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white pumpkins

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Marie Mayhew knitting felting patterns: pumpkins
white harvest pumpkins in three sizes

Marie Mayhew knitting felting patterns: pumpkins
top view of pumpkin

These pumpkins were knit using the harvest pumpkin pattern. The differences came in the yarns and needle sizes used to knit each pumpkin.
The largest pumpkin was knit using two strands of Berroco Ultra Alpaca worsted weight, #6201 Winter White, and size 13 dps. The medium pumpkin used one strand of Berroco Ultra Alpaca worsted and size 10.5 dps, and the smallest pumpkin, Frog Tree Alpaca sport and size 8 dps.
On the medium pumpkin, the stem was knit leaving a longer tail attached to its end. During felting the tail blends and appears part of the stem. I then wrapped the wet tail around a pencil and secured it. The vine dried completely in this position.

Marie Mayhew knitting felting patterns: pumpkins
pumpkin stem and vine

Marie Mayhew knitting felting patterns: pumpkins
bottom view of pumpkin

Instead of using cream yarn to make the furrow lines, I used cream DMC embroidery floss (all 6 strands). The floss adds strength so you can pull the furrows tighter without fear of breaking them. Embroidery floss adds a bit of sheen to the pumpkin as well.
Once the DMC floss is pulled tight at the bottom and securly tied into knots; I hid them with roving. I took a strand of the stem yarn and pulled the plies apart creating a bit of roving. I then rolled the roving between my palms, creating a small ball. Finally I needle felted the roving to the bottom of the pumpkin, covering the knots, and adding a fun realistic detail.
On the largest pumpkin, top photo, I used brown 24-gauge wire threaded through the stem and wrapped around a pencil, creating a finer curly cue rather than the thicker beaded ones.
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